Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use Disclosure Statement - Cost & Limitations

MD Logic is meaningful use stage I and stage II certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). Our software incorporates these government mandates while simplifying the task of collecting data and staying in compliance with the rules and regulations.

In support of enhanced marketplace transparency and visibility into the costs and performance of certified health IT products and services, and the business practices of health IT developers, MD LOGIC hereby attests that it will provide in a timely manner, in plain writing, and in a manner calculated to inform, any part (including all) of the information required to be disclosed under 45 CFR § 170.523(k)(1) to all customers prior to providing or entering into any agreement to provide any certified health IT or related product or service (including subsequent updates, add-add-ons, or additional products or services during the course of an on-going agreement) for Software and Service Transparency as follows:

  • MD Logic Software Licenses: The investment in the MD Logic World Wide EHR software is determined by the number of providers (MD, DO, PA, NP, PT, OD, DPM), number of concurrent logins and number of site locations. Based upon these factors the investment is generated. Annual licensing and or subscription fees are included in the customer agreement.
  • Software Training: There is a per-cost per day charge for onsite training per MD Logic corporate trainer (plus travel expenses) and or remote software training provided by an MD Logic corporate trainer.
  • HL7 Interfaces: MD Logic reserves the right to charge a fee for all HL7 (3rd party) interfaces including an ongoing support fee to support the interface. All upfront HL7 fees including any monthly HL7 support fees deemed to be the responsibility of the customer will be outlined in the MD Logic customer agreement.
  • Software Maintenance: MD Logic charges a monthly maintenance fee that includes future MD Logic software upgrades, installation of the MD Logic software upgrades and a toll free help line for questions and answers regarding the MD Logic software. MD Logic will provide to Customer a reasonable level of support, not to exceed 20 hours per month, regarding use of the Software.
  • Data Export: MD Logic will charge a fee to export health data out of the MD Logic EHR software in the event the customer requires data to transfer to another EHR.

MD Logic acknowledges and agrees to notify Drummond Group of any and all future changes to your price transparency language for this certified product-version. MD Logic acknowledges and agrees that the ONC HIT Certification Program Final Rule statement gives Drummond Group, as an ONC-ACB, the sole responsibility for ensuring compliance and determining appropriate consequences if EHR technology developers fail to disclose accurate price transparency information.