Engineered to provide healthcare providers with a solution to store outside images provided by patients on CDs, MD Logic PACS provides storage and viewing for these images.


The MD Logic PACS software was designed to give clinics the option of storing images taken outside the clinic.

This eliminates the liability of storing Patient CDs in boxes and provides whenever, wherever access to the patient images.


Simple to Implement

As CDs are carried into the clinic for the physician to review, a staff member can load the CD and copy the data files over for permanent storage. The patient CD would be handed back to the patient. The physician can access these images during follow up appointments or at any time in the future.

These types of images are known as DICOM. Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) — is the international standard for medical images and related information. With tens of thousands of imaging devices in use, DICOM is one of the most widely deployed healthcare messaging standards in the world. DICOM images are high resolution files that require large hard drives to store these files.

Customers choosing to store DICOM images on their own servers should consult with the MD Logic support team to determine the recommended hard drives space needed to manage these files. Customers utilizing MD Logic Cloud solutions are subject to additional fees based upon storage size and bandwidth required to view DICOM images.