MD Logic Smart Phone Apps

Ensuring our customers have 24/7 access to their patient's health records, the MD Logic Smart Phone apps are available for both iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smart phones.


The need for healthcare providers to have 24/7 access to their patient’s health records is now a reality with the MD Logic Smart Phone apps. Available in both Android, iPhones and BlackBerry, our smart phone apps give our customers access to their patients health records regardless of their geographic location.

In order to make the best decisions for their patients, healthcare providers require the most up-to-date information for each patient. Whether it was their last test result, a recent change in medications or the need to review patient’s clinical progress notes, MD Logic offers smart phone apps designed to give our customers access wherever they need it. 


Constant Communication

With the MD Logic Smart Phone apps our customers are able to communicate with other members of their health care team. Since quality care does not stop at 5pm, healthcare provides need the ability to communicate electronically with their staff after hours.

Orders and instructions regarding patient care can be electronically communicated to staff for immediate follow up the following day.


Pre-op Photos

Our smart phone applications give healthcare providers the ability to use their smart phones to take pre-op pictures of patients. In addition, healthcare providers can use their smart phone to take surgical photos and post-op photos.

MD Logic technology enables healthcare providers the ability to show patient progress for each subsequent visit. Now taking photos is ridiculously simple and secure with MD Logic smart phone apps.


Review & Sign off

You just saw your last patient for the day and now it’s time for you to review patient requests, test results, lab results, prescription refill requests and other miscellaneous reports.

With the MD Logic Smart Phone apps you can go home and use your smart phone to review these requests. Communicate your decisions with your staff and update comments and notes on any patient chart. Giving you total flexibility and a better quality of life is possible with our smart phone apps.


Encryption & Security

All data transmitted electronically to and from your smart phone is encrypted to ensure security. No patient heath data or pictures are ever saved to your smart phone.

Once a user logs out of the MD Logic Smart Phone app all patient data residing on the smart phone is deleted. All patient data is updated real-time to either the customer’s server or to the MD Logic Cloud data center.