MD Logic eLabs

Designed to comply with the national lab standards, MD Logic eLabs offers customers both bi-directional and results only lab interfaces.


With heavy emphasis on electronic lab results for meaningful use stage II, MD Logic eLabs offers customers lab interfaces to national, regional and local lab companies.

MD Logic eLabs is meaningful use stage II certified.


The Best of Both Worlds

Lab results are displayed in electronic data format. The same results are also available in a standard PDF format. Physicians that prefer the old standard of viewing a lab report will find our PDF viewer a great way to transition over to electronic lab results. 

Tracking Trends in Lab Results

Lab results are color coded to identify results that fall outside of the within normal ranges. MD Logic eLabs gives physicians the ability to track trends in lab values. Healthcare providers can select specific lab results and date ranges for review. For example, trends in lab data can be viewed in a graph format to analyze comparisons between let’s say the impact that a new medication has on lowering the patients cholesterol over time compared to a previous medication.