Stay Connected - MD Logic Smart Phone App

14 July 2017

The impact the MD Logic Smart Phone app has had on our customers is nothing short phenomenal. It is one thing to develop a healthcare technology app but to develop an EHR app that a physician can master in five minutes is a huge success. Developing smart intuitive software is an art and based upon the feedback of our customers the MD Logic Phone app has become a critical technology solution for them. Gone are the days of being away from the office and having to best guess or try hard to remember the face of the patient calling and their health history. The MD Logic App is critical to all physicians and even more crticical to larger clinics since being on call can mean covering for multiple physicians. A physician on call has their phone available and with the MD Logic App can access their patients health records 24/7. 

When introducing MD Logic to new potential customers, the MD Logic representative will always ask the physicians how they access their patients’ health data after hours. The common answers we hear include the following:

  • I don’t access patient health records after hours
  • I have to find a laptop to dial into the EHR

MD Logic physicians, PAs, NPs, PTs, etc. are able to access their patient health records 24/7 using the MD Logic Phone App. The app allows the physician to communicate with their staff, other physician in their clinic, PAs, NPs, PTs, etc. When accessing the MD Logic app, the provider immediately sees the patient’s photo displayed along with their complete health history, progress notes, and all scanned documents in the patient electronic chart including all medical / surgical photos. The MD Logic app even allows the physician to take real-time photos in surgery that are automatically updated to the patient’s electronic health record.

Recent comments from customers include the following:

I used to carry my CT scans to the hospital as a reference for my sinus surgery. Now I simply take a picture of the CT on my iPhone and MD Logic updates the CT scan into the patient chart. I simply pull up the CT scan on my phone before each surgery. Huge time saver – love it.

ENT Physician New York

I am a busy Orthopaedic Sport Medicine Surgeon and perform a great deal of Knee, Shoulder and Hip Arthroscopy each week. Outside of the office I love having 24/7 access to my patients health records. When a patient does call I have instant access to their post-operative report and entire patient history. If needed, I can message my staff for a work-in appointment for the patient the very next day. The MD Logic app is designed with the physician in mind. Simple to login, simple to navigate and the app has simplified my after hour calls. Simply great technology!

Orthopaedic Surgeon – Southern California

At times I used to have to call my staff when I required some additional health data from the EHR before one of my vascular surgical cases. Now I have complete access to my patient’s electronic chart from the OR and don’t have to bother my staff. If I need patient health data or need to review a radiology report I simply access it from my phone.  The app is great for after hour calls when I am on call for my partners.

Vascular Surgeon – Florida

The MD Logic Smart Phone App gives healthcare providers 24/7 access to their patient’s healthcare records. When a physician speaks to a patient after hours, they can update the patient chart regarding the conversation using the MD Logic App. The information can be added using the voice feature on the smart phone (no need to type). The MD Logic App is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

To learn how MD Logic can easily replace your non-productive EHR, please contact our corporate headquarters at 800-273-7750.