Premier Foot and Ankle Center Implements MD Logic World Wide EMR making Documenting Patient Care "Real Time" in the Exam Room a Reality

31 March 2008

MD Logic is pleased to report the recent success of Sarasota Foot Care Center and their recent transition to a paperless office. The center is staffed by four physicians who are all Diplomats with the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. Each doctor was residency trained with the latest foot and ankle medical and surgical techniques. The doctors are committed to continuing medical education, allowing them to continue to provide their patients with the finest possible specialty service.

Paul G. Yungst, D.P.M., FACFAS is one of the founding partners at Sarasota Foot Care Center who helped do the research on choosing the best Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution for their center. When asked about the recent transition to going paperless, Dr. Yungst stated, "We have been using MD Logic to document care real-time in the exam room for many years. When we decided to take the next step and go paperless we wanted a company with a proven solution and what we felt was the most stable software in the industry. After looking at many of the EMR systems on the market, we chose to implement the MD Logic World Wide EMR™. No one could match the speed and ease of use offered by the MD Logic World Wide EMR™."

When asked about the impact of going paperless, Dr. Yungst said "The impact of going paperless has been immediate and omnipresent. The moment a patient walks into the office, they are struck with a sense of organization, which hopefully gives them a feeling of security, a belief that the doctor and his staff truly know what they are doing. The patient is no longer confronted with the view of 150 charts spread out en mass over the front office cabinetry and floor and one or two office personnel frantically rummaging through searching for a missing chart."

"I have calculated that if it takes approximately 20 seconds to find/file a chart and we see approximately 150 patients per day (that's 300 charts that get pulled and re-filed during the course of a day), it takes approximately one hour and 40 minutes spent filing charts. And this doesn't include the extra time it takes going to the file room to track down missing charts or add on patients or filing lab test results, etc. Now it’s simply scan...sort...done!"

"Within the exam room, the ability to view charts and document care as we see patients is critical. I can immediately communicate with my staff by sending electronic memos and check my Inbox with the touch of a button. I can spend more time in patient contact now that I don't have to spend time searching through the chart. Patients continually comment on how the system looks 'state of the art,' and when I show them the output or how I can pull up a previous note or lab results, they are amazed. Patients understand that they are in an office which is on the 'cutting edge' of new technology in medicine."

Gone are these days: "Remember all the valuable time wasted going to the file room, searching for a file that was misplaced and eventually finding it lying under the doctor's desk, only to realize that all the while you were searching for the wrong chart, Larry Cohn instead of Larry Cohen, then having to go back to the file room to retrieve the correct file simply to chart a lab report? With MD Logic, it's as simple as scan...sort...done! Our center is extremely pleased with choosing the MD Logic World Wide EMR™."

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