MD Logic Bar Coding Technology – Your Staff will Thank You

15 April 2017

Even after the billions of dollars have been paid to healthcare providers for implementing government certified (EHR) electronic health records, healthcare clinics as a rule are still dealing with massive amounts of paper documents. Whether these documents are being handed to patients to be signed or are simply being received from other healthcare providers, these documents must be scanned into the clinics EHR. Based upon the size of the clinic, thousands upon thousands of hours are spent each year in labor cost to simply scan and file documents into the EHR software.

When it comes to scanning and filing documents into the EHR, there are multiple steps required to file each document:

  1. Scan document
  2. Open scanned document
  3. Review scanned document
  4. Select patient in EHR the document represents
  5. Select appropriate electronic chart tab (example: MRI)
  6. Select description of the document (example; MRI left shoulder)
  7. Select date of the document
  8. File the document

*The process is repeated for each document scanned and is costly in labor and time.

  1. What impact would it make in your clinic if your staff could simply scan the documents and the EHR automated the rest of the process? a) Less staff to hire as the clinic grows in size b) minimal staff training time for new hires
  2. How often are scanned documents accidently filed into the wrong patient chart?
  3. How much time would be saved each day at the front desk if your staff no longer had to manually file these documents into the EHR?

MD Logic Bar Coding Technology automates the scanning process for healthcare professionals. Not only is the MD Logic Bar Coding Technology easy to use but the clinic controls the setup and configuration of the bar coding software.

  • When a patient arrives and is required to complete paperwork, MD Logic prints all documents for each patient
  • Each document is printed with a bar code
  • Once the documents are completed, a staff member simply scans the documents
  • MD Logic automatically files the documents in the patients appropriate chart tab along with the document description and date of the document

As the leading U.S. provider of healthcare technology that includes EHR, Practice Management Software, Appointment Scheduling Software and Revenue Cycle Management, MD Logic engineers our software solutions to maximize the productivity of healthcare clinics and their providers.

Tom Cahill, Manager of IT and Software Services Division for MD Logic stated “The MD Logic Bar Coding software was engineered for the end user. The staff is able to configure the MD Logic Bar Coding technology for their clinic. Once implemented, our support calls on the MD Logic Bar Coding software are minimal as the software has proven extremely stable to use each day in high volume clinics. The best part is that our software engineers have made the bar coding software easy for our customers to manage. This feature is now used across the U.S. and internationally and is saving hundreds of thousands of hours each year in scanning and filing documents.”

To learn how your clinic can increase efficiency, reduce overhead, maximize profitability please contact our corporate office at 800-273-7750.