MD Logic Announces Strategic Relationship with Transworld

15 November 2017

MD Logic, the leading U.S. provider of high performance EHR and Practice Management Software solutions is pleased to announce our partnership with Transworld Systems.

Thomas J. Bierster, Jr., Founder & CEO of MD Logic stated “this strategic partnership has been in the works for a long time. Transworld systems has a great reputation in the market and will fill a vital role with their innovative technology and ability to assist our customers in maximizing collecting from slow paying patients. A company is only as good as its people and they have some quality representatives working with MD Logic. Jeff Dorsey from Transworld systems has been superb to work with and has stayed in constant communication during the process. Jeff was essential is following through to ensure the partnership came to fruition. Our customers will greatly benefit from this new service and be backed with great service and support”.

Since 1970, Transworld Systems has been providing tools to healthcare providers to improve their cash flow and has recovered more than $6 Billion over the past decade for 60,000+ Clients. Transworld’s industry-leading solutions, Accelerator and Profit Recovery service, offers clients a quick, easy and affordable way to manage their accounts receivable and past-due accounts.

MD Logic customers interested in implementing a proven solution for managing and collecting their slow paying accounts should contact the MD Logic support team at 800-273-7750. This solution is offered exclusively to MD Logic EHR/PM customers.