Find your Paradise with MD Logic

15 March 2017

Just imagine a sunny day, palm trees, aqua blue water, white sand and a slight breeze in March with the temperature around 83 degrees. This is when physicians in the Bahamas meet for their annual medical conference. MD Logic was proud to be a sponsor at this year’s conference and introduce more physicians to the time savings offered by the suite of MD Logic software solutions.

As the leading U.S. provider of high performance (EHR) Electronic Health Records and Practice Management (PM) solutions, the MD Logic software provides physicians with the technology they need to provide their patients with the best in patient care. Regardless of a physician’s geographic location, the MD Logic technology can be utilized anywhere in the world. Tim McKenna, VP of Sales for MD Logic, stated “physicians in the Bahamas are committed to adopting technology engineered to maximize their efficiency in clinic. They love the simplicity of MD Logic and the ability to customize the MD Logic software to fit their individual needs.

“During the meeting I spoke with several MD Logic customers that conveyed to me the true impact MD Logic had made in their clinic. It always makes me feel good when I hear a customer tell me about the times savings and efficiency they are receiving with MD Logic. Another bonus was learning just how important the MD Logic Smart Phone App has become to our physicians. I was told by several physicians during the conference that they utilize the MD Logic Smart Phone App each and every day. The MD Logic App has become a critical part of their practice. Being able to access their patients' medical records at any time 24/7 with their smart phone is not only convenient but it allows the physician to make decisions based upon the latest data in the medical record.

“I thoroughly enjoyed introducing MD Logic to a large group of physician during the conference. At the end of the presentation, we had one of our physician customers stand up in front of the physician audience and simply tell his story about the positive impact MD Logic has made in his practice. The physician explained that MD Logic was easy to implement, easy to customize, saves him time, automatically communicates with his referring physicians and gives him 24/7 access to his health records with his smart phone. He said the MD Logic trainers were great and the support team is just a phone call away.

“As VP of Sales for MD Logic I am constantly communicating with customers and potential new customers each day. Just when I think the MD Logic software cannot get any better I am amazed when our development team adds yet another new feature that makes a huge impact in the lives of our customers. We listen to our customers and develop software that simply makes sense. When someone asks me about how good our software really is, I simply say “let me have you talk to a customer and you will see."

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