Institute for Sinus and Allergy Relief

Our clinic has been using MD Logic for the last 9 years and we couldn’t be happier. Our first step with MD Logic healthcare technology was to eliminate the dictation in our busy Otolaryngology clinic. We reviewed many solutions but found the MD Logic software to be intuitive and capable of generating clinical records that reflected the quality of care we provided to our patients.

The next step was to go paperless with the MD Logic EHR software. Due to having multiple locations we made the decision to implement the MD Logic EHR Cloud solution. The Cloud solution meant we didn’t have to worry about investing in a server, the ongoing maintenance or daily backups required with having an in-office server. This made implementing the MD Logic EHR software extremely convenient for each location.  My staff and I use wireless touch screen tablets at each location to document patient care and access our patient’s health data.

The MD Logic software keeps evolving and the touch screen technology is intuitive and easy to use. The MD Logic software support team is friendly, professional and always available when we need them.

One of these days I hope to come to Atlanta with Stacey my director of Allergy services and meet everyone on the MD Logic team. Thanks again for being so instrumental in keeping our multi-location Otolaryngology and Allergy clinic streamlined and paperless.

Steven E. Davis, MD
Otolaryngology & Allergy