Hoover Ear, Nose, and Throat

As a physician you don’t know you are working with the best EHR available when you don’t have a benchmark with which to compare. MD Logic has set the benchmark so high that, in our opinion, it is the 'gold standard" comparison of EHR systems.

I didn't realize the impact MD Logic had on our clinic until circumstances pushed our clinic into implementing another EHR. As experienced EHR users we expected a learning curve but we had no idea what our clinic would ultimately encounter. We quickly learned that all EHR systems are not the same.

Gone was the touch screen simplicity offered by MD Logic allowing us to quickly and efficiently document patient care. We were now spending MORE time after hours in clinic catching up with entries in addition taking work home with us to complete. The impact was taking time AWAY from our families. After several painful months dealing with this new cumbersome EHR we knew we had to get MD Logic back. We contacted MD Logic and they could not have been more gracious in working to get our clinic "Live" again. An MD Logic corporate trainer was assigned to our clinic to assist in the transition back to MD Logic. The training was done "onsite" at our clinic and within a few days we had made the transition back to MD Logic.

Healthcare technology is constantly changing but the one thing that remains the same for all physicians is time. When it comes to maximizing your time and efficiency in clinic, MD Logic is the undisputable “gold standard” of EHR.

Edwyn L. Boyd, MD