Finding an EHR that could keep pace with our busy Orthopaedic clinic was a challenge. All the EHR’s we reviewed looked exactly the same until our clinic was introduced to MD Logic. Within the first 10 minutes of the MD Logic demonstration we knew we had found our EHR.

Rick Hammesfahr, MD
Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon

As a physician you don’t know you are working with the best EHR available when you don’t have a benchmark with which to compare. MD Logic has set the benchmark so high that, in our opinion, it is the 'gold standard" comparison...

Edwyn L. Boyd, MD
Physical Therapy

When making the decision to switch from paper to EHR, our goals were to improve our ability to correspond with referring physicians while reducing the workload on staff. When we first saw MD Logic, we realized we had a product...

Mark Howard, PT, DPT, OCS

What MD Logic has done to simplify ICD 10 coding is out of this world. They have taken a time tested EHR and added this awesome ICD10 component making life easier for their physician customers.

I was first introduced to...

David H. Slavit, MD

EHR was in its infancy when this practice first considered converting.  Old habits were hard to break and both staff and providers were understandably resistant to change.  Once we moved forward we never looked back.  Charts...

Robert E. Todd
Otolaryngology & Allergy

Our clinic has been using MD Logic for the last 9 years and we couldn’t be happier. Our first step with MD Logic healthcare technology was to eliminate the dictation in our busy Otolaryngology clinic. We reviewed many...

Steven E. Davis, MD

When I started using MD Logic I very quickly began to see a return on my investment in the terms of time savings. I used to spend about 3 hours per day charting the 25 to 30 patients that I had seen in clinic each day. Even...

William L. Parker, DPM

Only MD Logic allows us as practitioners to listen and document. It is not canned and not impersonal.

Why MD Logic? "If all else fails ask the patient what is wrong and he/she will tell you".  Famous words that mean so...

Richard C. Morrow, MD