Richard C. Morrow

Only MD Logic allows us as practitioners to listen and document. It is not canned and not impersonal.

Why MD Logic? "If all else fails ask the patient what is wrong and he/she will tell you".  Famous words that mean so much.  Somehow EHR companies have forgotten that the patient is the historian.  We are to listen then document.

The story of the patient is imperative to diagnosis and quality of medicine. We have to have input, not just the machine.  As I read other EHR notes from referring doctors, I am astounded at the mistakes and the imperfections. Yes, the machines document, but this is a person not a prescripted object.

Having the ability to escribe medications, receiving labs electronically and being compliant is demanded but this is still personal. Welcome to MD Logic. You can make it as personal as you want. I have done this for 20 years with MD Logic and the product only gets better and better.  You have a product that lets you practice medicine the way it should be – Doctor and the patient.  “Isn't this the way it should be?”

Richard C. Morrow, MD