Onsite Training – Success Begins Day One

28 February 2017

Ten year ago over 90% of our new customers were investing in their first EHR. That trend has changed over the past 3 years with over 90% of our new customers reporting they have purchased one, two or even three EHR systems before investing in MD Logic. It would be hard to put a number on the amount of lost time and revenue spent on these non-productive EHR systems. The good news is with each bad decision these customer have learned what they did not want in their next EHR.

Below were the top (5) complaints:

  1. The EHR system was difficult to use
  2. The EHR system slowed our practice down in clinic
  3. The EHR system was impossible to customize without help from the EHR Company
  4. The EHR system forced us to see fewer patients in clinic
  5. The EHR training was provided over the phone

When it comes to transitioning medical clinics to Electronic Health Records, the certified corporate trainers at MD Logic are the best in the industry. In order to successfully implement the workflow for each clinic, onsite training is essential. In an effort to cut costs, many EHR companies convince the clinic that remote training is just as beneficial as onsite training. This could not be further from the truth.

MD Logic, the leading U.S. provider of High Performance Electronic Health Records and Practice Management Solutions employs corporate trainers that go above and beyond for the customer. Nicole Arcand, Manager of Corporate Training for MD Logic stated “our corporate trainers are experts in matching the workflow of the clinic with the efficiency of the MD Logic software. Before onsite training is scheduled, an analysis of the practice is completed in order for the trainer to recommend the best approach for the onsite training. From the time the patient checks in for their visit and throughout the clinic visit, MD Logic tracks each patient and controls the workflow of the clinic.”

“MD Logic trainers recognize that each clinic has a unique way of operating. Our trainers have the experience to recommend solutions that yield results and make each clinic more efficient. The MD Logic EHR software is engineered like no other Electronic Health Record (EHR) software on the market. Our doctors and clinical staff just love the fact that the software is designed for “real” touch screen applications. Many doctors dont know that MD Logic was the first EHR Company to use iPads to document patient care “real-time” in the exam room. Over the past few years we are seeing more doctors implement Microsoft Surface tablets as an option to using iPads. It is simply a personal preference and MD Logic works great with all touchscreen technology. Doctors that have suffered through an inefficient (EHR) can really appreciate the ease of use and speed associated with MD Logic.”

“The MD Logic smart phone app is definitely a smile maker during the onsite training. Each time I set up the MD Logic app for a doctor on their smart phone they immediately smile when they access the app for the first time. I get lots of ‘wows, OMG, and that’s amazing” when I review the MD Logic app with the provider. Within 5 minutes they become experts using the MD Logic app. The doctors leave clinic that day knowing they have access to their patient’s health records from anywhere they can use their smart phone. It is a great feeling to make a difference in the life of a doctor.”

To learn how MD Logic can increase the efficiency in your clinic and improve profitability, please contact our corporate office at 800-273-7750.