MD Logic Simplifies MACRA & MIPS Compliance for Healthcare Professionals

30 July 2017

To meet the stringent requirements of MACRA & MIPS for 2017, physicians will be required to collect and record specific data for 90 consecutive days in the 4th QTR. To ensure our customers will meet these requirements, the MD Logic software engineers have successfully built the MACRA/MIPS requirements into our standard workflow of documenting patient care. By integrating the requirements into our customer’s workflow, the collection of data will be simplified allowing our physicians and their staff to focus on providing patient care and not worrying about government requirements.

MD Logic customers will have the MACRA / MIPS buttons updated into their individual knowledgebase. Once implemented, customers have the ability to select the measures they want to track. As with all MD Logic software, customers are able to move the buttons to the screen they feel would be best for collecting the data.  Thomas J. Bierster, Jr., CEO for MD Logic stated “the goal was to simplify the process of collecting data to ensure our customers were not burdened with the task of MACRA / MIPS compliance. Our software engineers have done an excellent job to ensure the collection of data would follow our standard for documenting patient care. Our customers will attest that MD Logic offers the fastest solution when it comes to documenting patient care. So it made sense to take advantage of this MD Logic feature to ensure the collection of data would follow the clinics workflow. We are taking the fear and unknown out of MACRA / MIPS and delivering a solution that will be welcomed by our customers”.

To meet the MACRA / MIPS requirements, clinics would need to begin the 90 days of data collecting no later than October 2, 2017.

To learn how MD Logic can help your practice meet the MACRA / MIPS requirements please contact our corporate headquarters at 800-273-7750.