MD Logic RCM Services – Maximize your Profitability

30 September 2017

For physicians that want to focus on patient care and operate on a fixed percentage of cost in terms of revenue collections, MD Logic offers RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) services to increase cash flow, reduce the number of employees and maximize productivity for the clinic. The MD Logic RCM service combines the MD Logic EHR and PM software in combination with our revenue cycle management professionals.

The MD Logic RCM team handles the coding, billing, collections, communication with the insurance companies and follow-up to ensure the clinic is being paid on-time. The customer has real time access to their patient’s accounts allowing them to answer questions regarding patient balances. Whether a customer is using the MD Logic EHR software, PM software, Appointment Scheduling software or RCM services, there is one toll-free number to call and connect the customer to the appropriate MD Logic support representative.

As the leading U.S. provider of high performance EHR and Practice Management Software solutions, MD Logic is engineered to maximize the efficiency of healthcare providers. As physicians document care using the MD Logic EHR software, the CPT and ICD10 codes are automatically updated in the MD Logic PM software. Due to flexibility of our software, MD Logic RCM billers are able to send out electronic claims to insurance carriers multiple times throughout the day. This ensures timely payment from carriers and the fastest turn around offered in the RCM industry. To ensure prompt payment (clean claims) from carriers, MD Logic RCM services utilizes the top 2 rated claims clearinghouses in the U.S. The MD Logic RCM services are offered exclusively to physicians that utilize both the MD Logic EHR and PM software.

To learn how MD Logic RCM services can reduce your overhead, increase efficiency and maximize profitability, please contact our corporate headquarters today at 800-273-7750.