MD Logic EHR - We lead and the Competition follows

15 January 2018

The problem with most EHR software is that it slows down the physician. During the patient history and examination, most physicians do not want to lose eye contact with the patient. They feel it is rude and takes away from the patient encounter. Back in the day when physicians would carry a paper chart into the examination room they would open the charts and handwrite their notes. Many physicians would tell you that this was faster and resulted in better interaction with the patient compared to EHR technology.

When searching for EHR software in the market you will find that 99% of EHR systems are designed with drop-down pick lists. The main reason EHR systems are designed with drop-down picks lists is because the screens are easy to design and code. These EHR companies are choosing this type of technology because it is simple to develop and the work can be completed by entry level programmers. Taking a drop-down pick list EHR system into the examination room does not enhance the patient experience and in most cases is simply distracting to the patient and the doctor.

MD Logic has always followed a different approach when developing EHR software. We are true innovators and design EHR software that is engineered to be used in the examination room during the patient visit. As the patient visit is being completed, the clinical documentation is also completed. Documenting “real time” ensures that all patient findings are accurately reported and eliminates physicians from having to stay late or come into the office on weekends to catch up on electronic charting.

So how is this possible with MD Logic?

Documenting care “real time” in the examination room is a perfect fit with MD Logic. First of all, the MD Logic software is NOT designed with drop-down pick lists. The MD Logic software was engineered to follow the technology used in restaurants, hotels and airport kiosk check-ins. We develop screens that immediately make sense so that our users can document care while having a conversation with the patient in the examination room. Accessing prior patient health history data is displayed at immediately with the touch of one button. The MD Logic EHR enhances the patient / doctor encounter and will keep pace with the busiest healthcare providers.

A physician may carry a touch screen tablet in the examination room and hold the tablet just like they use to hold a paper chart. Rather than seeing a bunch of drop-down pick lists on a screen, the MD Logic software is displayed with buttons on the screen. If a patient confirms they are a smoker, the user would touch a button labeled “Smoker” under the “Social History Screens”. The MD Logic software would then display other button choices that would allow the user to document how long the patient has been a smoker and how many packs or how many cigarettes per day the patient smokes. The buttons are easy to read and fast to touch. The best part from the physician’s point of view is that everything in MD Logic is customizable and controlled by the physician.

If you can’t honestly say that you love working with your current EHR and that your EHR is saving you lots of time in clinic each day then maybe it is time your contacted MD Logic?  There is nothing worse than working with EHR technology that creates bottlenecks and kills productivity.

To learn how MD Logic can make your clinic more productive contact our corporate headquarters today at 800-273-7750.