Maximize Clinic Workflow with the MD Logic Command Center

31 May 2017

Regardless of the specialty of medicine, all physicians are equal when it comes to the amount of time they have each day in clinic. The efficiency of the physician in clinic has a direct impact on the revenue generated for the services provided. Implementing technology designed to streamline the workflow of the clinic can result in increased earning ranging between $75,000.00 to over $500,000.00 per year. This is made possible with the MD Logic Command Center.

The key to saving time with all physicians is two parts:

  1. How do you quickly capture the patient health data required for each visit?
  2. How can you simplify the physician accessing the data for each visit?

Before entering the exam room, the physician must have the most current health data of the patient to review. The MD Logic Command Center provides one-touch access to display the clinical information needed by the physician to render their diagnosis and treatment plan. During clinic the physician and their support staff view a schematic of the clinic (available on wireless touchscreen tablets) including exam rooms, x-ray, casting room, etc. The physician simply touches the exam room (on the screen) they will be entering next and the patient photo along with the patients complete patient history will automatically display for the physician.

The physician will enter the exam room after reviewing the most up-to date patient health data. During the conversation with the patient, the history of present illness, examination, x-ray interpretation, diagnosis and treatment plan can be quickly documented using the MD Logic software. There is not a faster solution for documenting patient then MD Logic.

With the continued trend in declining reimbursement, all healthcare providers must take a hard look at their workflow and determine how they can accomplish more in less time. The time consuming task of collecting the patient data before the patient can be seen by the physician is the single factor in limiting the number of patients that can be seen each day in clinic. If a clinic is still handing out paper forms for patients to write-in their health history then chances are they are not maximizing their time or revenue. To accomplish more in less time, a clinic must adopt technology designed to automate the collection of health data. The MD Logic Kiosk automates the collection of health data saving the clinic time. Patients prefer touching a screen compared to filling out paper forms and more information can be captured with the MD Logic Kiosk in less time.  

As the leading U.S. provider of high performance EHR and Practice Management Software solutions, MD Logic is engineered to maximize the efficiency of healthcare providers. Our technology is utilized by some of the highest patient volume physicians in the U.S. These physicians value their time and are able to see more patients by having their staff quickly gather the health data for each patient. Regardless of the number of providers in a clinic, it still comes down to one physician and one patient in the exam room.

To learn how your clinic can increase efficiency, reduce overhead, maximize profitability please contact our corporate headquarters at 800-273-7750.