How Much is that Clip Board Costing your Clinic in Time?

31 August 2017

If your clinic is still handing a clip board to your patients and requiring the patient to complete their health history (allergies, medications, past surgeries, problem lists, review of systems) then it is safe to assume that your staff is wasting thousands of hour each year re-entering this information into your EHR system. Having staff dedicate their time to enter this information into the EHR has become one of the biggest bottlenecks and headaches for clinics.

What if there was a simply solution that patients would use (instead of the clip board) and in doing so would automate the collection of the patient health data?

  • How much time would be saved each day in clinic with the automation and collection of health data?
  • What would your staff do with the time saved in not having to manually entering health data into the EHR for each patient visit?
  • How many more patients could be seen each day in clinic if the collection of health data was automated?

As the leading U.S. provider of high performance EHR and Practice Management Software solutions, MD Logic is engineered to provide technology the patients can use to communicate their health history with the healthcare provider. Requiring patients to use paper documents to communicate their health history is slow, cumbersome and expensive in term of labor costs. These paper documents require the staff and or the doctor to manually transfer the health information from paper into the electronic health record system. This task is time consuming and is prone to errors due to the redundancy in recording data.

The MD Logic technology frees up staff time and automates the collection of health data while eliminating the bottlenecks associated with paper documents. Instead of clip boards, touch screen tablets are handed to the patient to collect the health data. The questions and answers that are displayed to the patients are controlled by each physician. Based upon the type of visit, the questions and answers being displayed will change to ensure the required data for that visit has been provided by the patient. Patients are ready to be seen without delays by automating the collection of health data.

  1. What is the average patient visit worth in terms of reimbursement for your clinic?
  2. What would the financial impact be in adding 2, 4, 6 or even 8 more patients a day in clinic?
  3. What other tasks could your staff be doing if they did not have to waste time re-entering health data from paper documents into your EHR?

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