Efficiency in Clinic Drives Profitability

15 August 2017

Regardless of the changes being pushed in healthcare by the federal government, the one thing that remains the same for all healthcare providers is time. In order to maximize profitability in medical / surgical practices, Physicians, PA’s, NPs, and PTs must look to implement technology that will accomplish (3) important tasks:

  1. Elevate the quality of patient care
  2. Maximize the number of patients that may be seen in clinic
  3. Streamline the workflow from patient check-in to patient check-out

Unfortunately, we find an amazing number of clinics each day that are struggling with their EHR technology. These clinics implemented EHR technology in hopes that it would make the clinic more efficient. The most common symptoms that are associated with non-productive EHR technology in clinics include the following:

  1. The clinic was forced to hire more staff to deal with the inefficiency of the EHR technology
  2. Physicians, PA’s, NPs, and PTs were forced to reduce the number of patients seen in clinic each day since implementing the EHR technology
  3. Physicians, PA’s, NPs, and PTs continue to dictate or handwrite rather than utilize the EHR technology to document care
  4. Physicians, PA’s, NPs, and PTs must stay late to complete the charting of patients seen each day
  5. Physicians, PA’s, NPs, and PTs must arrive earlier to complete charting from the previous day

As the leading U.S. provider of high performance EHR and Practice Management Software solutions, MD Logic is engineered to maximize the efficiency of healthcare providers. Our technology is utilized by many of the busiest and most successful clinics in the U.S. and internationally. Physicians, PA’s, NPs, and PTs that value their time are able to see more patients in the same amount of time utilizing the MD Logic technology. Regardless of the number of providers in a clinic, it still comes down to one patient and one Physician, PA or NP in one exam room at a time.

Our intuitive EHR software technology is engineered to maximize efficiency and is unmatched in speed, quality and value. MD Logic provides the EHR technology needed for clinics to see more patients in the same amount. With over 20 years of successful installations and a customer retention rate of 99.9%, MD Logic continues to offer technology that actually makes a difference in the way healthcare providers and their patients feel about EHR technology.

To learn how your clinic can increase efficiency, reduce overhead, maximize profitability please contact our corporate headquarters at 800-273-7750.