Cloud or Server Based – MD Logic offers Both Solutions

30 April 2017

In the world of healthcare technology there are (2) options available for running EHR/PM software:

  1. Server Based
  2. Cloud Based

On the support side, it is much easier and more cost effective for the healthcare technology company to only offer Cloud based solutions. The Server based option requires more technical time for the healthcare technology company to service since the hardware and networking software is located in a different location controlled by a 3rd party administrator. As a result the vast majority of EHR / PM companies only provide Cloud based options to healthcare providers.

As the leading U.S. provider of High Performance Electronic Health Records and Practice Management Solutions, MD Logic offers both Cloud and Server Based solutions to the healthcare industry. Our belief is that customers should have a choice when it comes to Cloud or Server based solutions.

When evaluating new EHR technology, companies that only sell Cloud Based EHR will adamantly insist that Cloud Based EHR is a much better option compared to Server Based EHR. Both solutions have their advantages but it makes the most sense to select an EHR/PM company that provides both options.

What are the advantages and disadvantage of Cloud and Server Based Solutions?

  • Cloud EHR: The biggest benefit of Cloud EHR is the customer not having to purchase, install, upgrade and support their own in-house server. Upfront licenses fees are lower but monthly software support fees are higher as more services are provided.
  • Server EHR: With Server Based EHR the customer purchases, installs and supports an in-house server. The biggest advantage with EHR Server is no dependence on the Internet to access the EHR software. Upfront licenses fees are typically higher but monthly software support fees are lower as fewer services are provided.

MD Logic continues to offer server based solutions to our customers. Software upgrades for our server based customers are automated using systematic technology developed and owned by MD Logic. Our server based customers are not required to download MD Logic software as the new MD Logic software updates are automatically downloaded and installed by the MD Logic software. So what it really comes down to is which solution is best for each clinic – Server or Cloud based solutions? With MD Logic customers always have a choice.

To learn more about MD Logic Cloud and Server Based EHR/PM technology, please contact our corporate headquarters today at 800-273-7750.