Bar Coding Technology – An Absolute Must in Medical Clinics

15 September 2017

Even with today’s latest technology, the vast majority of clinics find handing the patient a paper demographic form, HIIPA form, Promise to Pay Form, etc. the easiest way to manage the collecting of these forms. As patients are been seen in the clinic, they may also be required to complete additional documents for services that may be required during the visit. Handing a patient a form to be signed is a very simplistic process but it comes with a high labor cost.

Why? Each signed document must be scanned and updated in the patient chart. To complete this task, a staff member must follow several steps:

  1. Scan the document
  2. Open the document in the EHR software
  3. Determine what patient the document represents
  4. Determine the type of document
  5. Determine the chart tab the document should be filed under
  6. Determine the chart tab description
  7. Determine the date of the document
  8. Then file the document

With MD Logic, each document generated in the clinic is printed with a bar code. To file the document, a staff member only has one step with MD Logic:

  1. Scan the document (that is it - so simple)

MD Logic automatically files the document in the correct patient chart, under the correct chart tab along with the correct chart tab description and the correct date. This also eliminates human mistakes found when manually filing scanned documents. MD Logic has engineered our bar coding technology to follow each clinics workflow. The customer is in complete control of the bar coding technology offered by MD Logic.

As the leading U.S. provider of high performance EHR and Practice Management Software solutions, MD Logic is engineered to maximize the efficiency of healthcare providers. If your clinic is still wasting valuable staff time manually filing scanned documents into your patients’ health records, then maybe it’s time to implement technology designed to increase efficiency, reduce overhead and maximize profitability.

To learn how MD Logic can easily replace your non-productive EHR, please contact our Corporate Headquarters at 800-273-7750.