Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface Tablets

15 June 2017

From day one, the MD Logic Software was developed to be used exclusively with touch screen technology. The Company began installing the MD Logic Software with touch screen monitors in exam rooms back in 1995. This was long before the iPhone, iPad and Microsoft Surface tablets came into the market. Back in 1995 customers were installing 15” monitors (not flat panels as they simply were not available at the time).

Twenty-two years later MD Logic is still the U.S. leader in high performance EHR software that is exclusively designed to be used with touch screen technology. MD Logic was the first EHR Company to utilize EHR software with the Apple iPad. Many EHR companies claim their software is designed to be used with touchscreen technology when in fact their software is just mouse driven drop-down pick lists displayed on a touchscreen. Software designed to be used with touchscreen technology should not be drop-down pick list systems. Schedule a MD Logic software demonstration and see how touchscreen technology should be utilized with EHR software.

Three years ago the Apple iPad seemed to be the go-to choice for our customers. In 2017 the most common touchscreen tablet used by our customers is the Microsoft Surface tablet. The Microsoft Surface tablet allows physicians, PA’s, NP’s, PT, etc. to load other popular 3rd party programs on the tablet. We recommend the Microsoft Surface tablets when using MD Logic eForms and capturing patient signatures. When a patient is required to sign a document while in clinic, it is much easier (and saves time) to hand the patient a touchscreen tablet. The patient can read the document and then sign their name on the touchscreen tablet. The form is automatically updated and stored in the patient’s electronic health record.

To learn how your clinic can automate your patients signing forms electronically and increase efficiency, contact our corporate headquarters at 800-273-7750.