Message From the CEO

Dear Valued Client,

MD Logic is pleased to announce that 2017 posted another record year in sales for the suite of MD Logic software solutions.

Our commitment to developing high performance (EHR) Electronic Health Record Solutions continues to attract the premier providers in healthcare. These providers understand the importance of choosing an EHR that is engineered to save time and increase profitability. Where other EHR companies claim to save time, MD Logic is the only EHR/PM provider that can back it up with satisfied customers from coast to coast and internationally. Physicians using MD Logic technology can see more patients in the same amount of time compared to a physician using a competitive EHR. Geography holds no bounds as we saw the international division of MD Logic continue to excel in growth throughout 2017. For 2018, we are forecasting record sales for our international division as more physicians are introduced to the time savings offered by the MD Logic software and services.

Fully integrated with the MD Logic EHR software is the MD Logic PM (Practice Management) software. The MD Logic EHR software documents patient care and generates the CPT and Diagnosis codes for each visit. These codes are automatically posted to the MD Logic PM software to streamline insurance and patient billing. There is simply not a more productive solution on the market then the MD Logic EHR/PM solution.

Physicians utilizing our technology generate anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000 in additional revenue annually compared to other physicians in the same specialty.

As a healthcare technology company we are ICD10 compliant and ONC 2015 certified (meaningful use stage III). We designed innovative software that simplified ICD10 coding allowing our customers to be more productive when documenting patient diagnosis. Complementing the MD Logic EHR software is the MD Logic Patient Kiosk, MD Logic Command Center, MD Logic eForms, MD Logic eRx, MD Logic eLabs, MD Logic Bar Coding and many other time saving features designed to make our customers the most efficient healthcare providers in medicine. We continue to back the MD Logic EHR/PM software with the best support team in the industry.

The MD Logic Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) division continued to generate great results for our customers in 2017. This service is offered exclusively to MD Logic EHR/PM customers and is backed by our experts in CPT/ICD10 coding,  insurance processing and collections. The RCM service ensures that our customers are receiving their deserved reimbursement when it comes to properly billing for services rendered.

The MD Logic management team and our employees understand the goal of providing high performance EHR/PM and RCM software and service solutions to healthcare professionals. Our commitment to our customers is to provide total automation resulting in increased efficiency, reduced overhead and maximum profitability. If you are not a customer I encourage you to contact our corporate office today to learn why MD Logic is simply the best EHR/PM/RCM solution in healthcare.

To our customers from coast to coast and internationally, I thank you for choosing MD Logic as your EHR/PM/RCM technology partner.

Wishing you all the best in 2018.

Thomas J. Bierster, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
MD Logic, Inc.